Youlhwadang Book Museum, Paju Bookcity, Korea. Photo by Jonathan Lovekin, 2009

Youlhwadang Book Museum is for those who make and read books. The museum possesses over 40,000 volumes of books from the Joseon dynasty to the contemporary times, and each book shows the story of past and present.

The building divided into two parts: the old one built in 2004 is Youlhwadang Publishers, and the new one built in 2009 is Youlhwadang Book Museum. Gallery Lotus at the old building held 14 exhibitions related to art and photography books published by Youlhwadang Publishers. Five exhibitions were held at the new building called Library+Bookstore, which is the name of the place before officially registered as museum. The director Yi Ki-Ung kept collecting ancient books in Chinese, old books of the East and West, art books, and other beautiful books around the world for more than 40 years. He equipped Library+Bookstore with cultural art books showing the characteristics of Youlhwadang Publishers mainly published art-related books such as painting, photography, design, architecture, and traditional culture books. In addition, donated books in various fields were also added to Library+Bookstore, and it finally became Youlhwadang Book Museum on August 1, 2013.

Youlhwadang Book Museum consists of two exhibition halls and several other spaces for reading and relaxing.

Exhibition Hall 1
It is a space for new books after 1980s. Focusing on art books, the beautiful books around world since 1980s are permanently exhibited, and it occasionally shows special exhibitions by themes.

Exhibition Hall 2
It is a space for old books before 1980s. It permanently demonstrates ancient books of the Joseon dynasty, modern Korean books before 1950s, Japanese books during the Japanese occupation, important Western books, art posters, domestic and foreign magazines, and so on. It occasionally shows special exhibitions by themes as well.

Music Lounge
It is a music lounge upstairs equipped with movie, play, and music books.

Memorial Space
It is a niche at the corner of the museum to memorize the ancestors of the director and authors of Youlhwadang Publishers.

Hwallae Portico
It is a reproduced teahouse of Hwallae Pavillion(活來亭) at Seongyojang(船橋莊), Gangneung, in modern style and a symbol of the spirit of liberal arts of Youlhwadang(悅話堂), guest house of Seongyojang.

Art Yard
It, the front yard of the museum, is often used as outside cafe, and a small concert or exhibition is irregularly held there.

From the left, exhibition hall 1, exhibition hall 2, music lounge, and memorial space.

From the left, Hwallae Portico, Youlhwadang in Seongyojang, Gangneung-si, and Art Yard.